Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014

well this week uruguay won. if we win this next game we go on and it is italy. this will be an awesome game. 

we are working hard and we have found a new family. the daughter is a member of two years she is 15 and the dad reads the BOM and prays already wich is amazing. he just works on the weekends in the compo. so but this family is really awesome. we have been on bikes minus the rainy days. we dont want mud all over our backs. but my legs are getting a really good work out since we got them a while ago.

we have been doing alot of wood cutting and we do it with machetes. we went and got our selves one they were super cheap like 5 dollars. we went to cut wood and it didnt do anything. the banch fell of before it would cut anything so we went and looked at the blade. it was blunt as can be. we didnt know you had to sharpen them. so we got it nice and sharpe and it cut like butter. i got a nice callus on my hand in the palm form cutting so much.

my comp is the DL. this is my third out of 4 changes with my comp as the DL. 

my comps brother is going to byu to play he just started. it is funny to read and hear his stories and my and my comp to compare them to ours. they are all so simular.

this week we have a game on tuseday and the time of our district meeting just changed. president feels it is important that we are incorperating with the members in this cultural event.

it was such a crazy thing after we won. everyone was in there cars and motos going nuts in the streets. hoinking and letting off fireworks and going crazy. it was cool to see how much national pride they have here. 

we had an amazing sacrament meeting this week the. it was ward council. we had a special musical number from the elders cuando hay amor. and we killed it.

everything is going great.

we had cows crossing the road on us the other day.

our ward is working hard to help the missionaries. missionary work is really amazing. i have been getting updated that people at home are talking the discussions and they have changed so much and they have so much joy in there lives from it

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