Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014

This week we have been working hard i went on divisions twice. that was fun one of them i was over at the house that elder staffieri was at. that was cool to do that but we see eachoither at least 2-3 times a week anyways. 

this week coming up we have a championship of the 30 PLUS  in soccer. it is on saturday and they are playing ward against ward so this should be fun to watch. everyone is getting prepped for this tournment. our court outside of my church building just got painted for it so it should be fun to help out with. also the youth will have activitiys and the kids as well.

the gas for our heater ran out on saturday night but it was to late to get a new gas tank. so for sunday and for this morning we just had to bundle up durning studies. the wether here in the winter gets pretty cold and the houses are just as cold as it is out side so there not very warm.

this change has been a really fun one with Elder El-Bakri. Its fun to see how simular we are. we both love math and science. physics in particular. we both have dads who gratuatded in a bioolgy something. both play football for byu both have just about the same likes and enterest same music and stuff too. and most of all the same eating desires.

with the cold here i just rememhber up at byu why is it cold with out snow. it isnt that cold but cold with out snow is no fun. expecialy because it means rain and rain is just cold and wet i would rather just have snow cause its dry. i told all that to my comp and he said hay ava byu converted you. basicaly cold and no snow is pointless cold.

these last week and a half i have been reading in Doctrine and COvenants and i am at section 52. we have this thing called baja la caƱa. it means drop the cain. basically it is calling somone to repentence.  or it says something so straight forward and blunt that there is either good or evil.
basically DandC drops the cain all over the place. it is very straight forward on what is good and what isnt. and what is good it of Jesus and what is not that is of the Devil. anything more or anything less is of him too.

also i was followin this reading guide for the year that i found in the childrens section of the january liahona. and it is for the old testament. it is really good and it tells the story of the new testament really well. it just has the scriptures of the main story so it is really nice. you should find it and do it as well 

that is awesome to here about catherine and how she is doing great. i cant wait to see her. i just hit 5 months today so i got about 18 months and some change left in the mission. i got alot to learn here still. i have got a good hold on spanish now. well the understanding and things i have to work with my gramer still. adam sent me a letter that he sent to his mission buddies and it was in spanish and i understood it all and it was all in spanish and i didnt have top translate it in my head so that is a good thing. i have been talking alot more in spanish and it is not to the point were i can think almost in it. im not having to translate it to english fist. i just know that words mean sertain actions.

everyone is getting ready for the cup and is getting excited for it. it can be hard because that if there is a game on no one wants to talk to you. ever most members. 

we hear all about the cup though from members. aperatly suarez tore his knee and he isnt going to play. we here this about three times aday and its always whats the latest on him. everyone talks about it. or we have heard numerous times how ronaldo just destroyed the championship of the league of champions in england how he had 3 goal to come back and win it in extra time. we heard that for a good week and a half. 

futbal is everything here. it is actually kinda fun to be here in this time of excitement with the cup. the world cupo is mamouth.

i dont have my cord this week so i will send pics next week.

Love Elder Pulsipher

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