Monday, May 26, 2014

May 25, 2014

this week i had to go down to montevedeo to sign my papers for my visa so i left last night got here this morninbg and had p day here and am leaving in the night back to artigas it was fun to have a day in the big city here. well little big city. we took the city busses around alot and went to the beach. and walked around a little bit it is really cool here. at the main terminal here it is called tres cruses. they have all the busses there and also they have a huge mall. we wer aloud to go around and look i saw a levi shop and went to see if there was a pair of pants that would fit me. yepp nope the biggest they had was 36x32 with a 511 skinny cut i wear 569 38x34 so they are really small and they were about 3500 pesos so like 160 dollars really expensive.

this last week it got really cold a couple of days ago the water froze a little bit outside in the morning. thank you grandma for the scarf it is working great. we have this heater that we cuddle around because it is really cold in the mornings here. but we are making it an efgfort to work out and do sit ups or stuff inside our sleeping bags because it is to cold to get out of them. 

adriana a talk in church this last week she is really progressing a long way. she is becoming really active in the church and we are going to get her to the temple here soon.

this week it also rained aton it rained so much that it covered the street with a river so i was walking sdown the streets in 4 inches of water and my shoes were completly soaked and i couldnt do anything about it either. i need some big old plasic rain boats or somthing haha. thanks to my waterproof camera we were able to get pictures of it but i dont have my cord so next week will have to do to send them.

also we are going to have a nother zone conference this change except with both mission here and a president of the 70 will be speaking so i will have the opprotunity to listen to him as well. so i will have a nother 16 hour bus ride down to montivedeo and back next week. 

also this week we had a ward activity of the iron rod. it reminded me of fathers and sons when i was younger and we had to walk on a 2x4 and we were tempted with little candy bars but if we made it with out falling we got a huge one. 
it was simular it was around the church and the people were blindfolded and we told them to let go and follow us and some did and they were lost and couldnt do anything they needed the help of someone else to find the rod

so i dont have my cord but have a ton of pics for next week i hop'e all is great at home and everyone keeps working hard.

love Elder Pulsipher

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