Tuesday, May 6, 2014

May 5, 2014

this week was a really rough one until the weekend. it rained everyday in the morning and at night right at 920 so when we were on our way home. and also everything fell through even our normal menos activo visits. we had about one maybe 2 visits a day that we actually taught and then also no hours with member and no references. the members wouldnt answer there phones nothing was going our way. but me and my comp decided to keep working hard and being exactly obedient with everthing.

so the week had no success until saturday. we decided to visit this guy we had visited once before but he wanted nothing. he is a member was very active and had about 15 years in a young mens presidnecy. so something we said got through to him and he asked for a blessing that he could have the mental strength and ability to be active again. he asked to go out with us and we went out with him that night for three hours and went to 3 investigators. and he went to church the next day that was one but not the best one.

the best one was the familia fulco. it was 8 on saturday and we had nothing to do we decided to go there and no one was home so at this time it was 830 then we thought ok lets go home its about to rain and its a 20 minute walk. but they passed us and we said ok lets go. so we went there and we found out they just got back from the hospitle. there 9 year old daughter had some issues today when she was playing soccer she had nevers and had some kind of seizer. so we were able to give her blessing and it said she would be healed and she would be able to draw nearer to christ. we had a great little discussion about how the blessiongs work and they offered us food. we were fasting and then that brought up that and the mom taught her daughter that and she said i want to do that.

so that was great they said they were going to church they hadnt gone in 2 years it was a personal reason why they stopped but she was a super strong member relief society president and all.

so on our way home of corse it poored and we had 5 minutes to get home so we ran

then the next day it was raining so people dont go to church. we texted to invite every one and she responded with this.

sí, estamos preparados spiritualmente para ir. no vamos por ustedes, vamos por lo que dios nos izo sentir y que sal por boca de ustedes. ¨HOY ES EL DIA¨ i dont know if there is a better text you can recive. it was such a miracle and the whole family of 4 went and they havent been in 2 years and we have worked with them 2 times aweek for the last 18 weeks (my comp for 6)

i have learned the hard way when it rains the water is bad. i had 5 attacks yesterday were we had to run home. and my comp as well and he threw up as well. but it was good we still had 5 lessons yesterday. 

i got a call for changes i am staying and my new comp is some one i have heard of. elder el-backri. he is also a football player. i know all calls are inspired but i think this one just might be for fun. two byu football players as comps. he was also elder staffiereis and finnegans comps in the ccm so there might just be something that God wants me to learn from the three of them. 

today we had a zone activity and we had an asado. it was really good and fun. i will show you how to have one when i get home. here you go to the carnasaria and tell them what peice you want and they cut it on the bandsaw. and give it to you. then we also had chureso. its sassage but it comes in 1 kilo chains. its about 2 and a half feet and you make it into a spiral whenyou cook it it is really good.

also last week we got invited to a mega asado. i dont know how or why we got invited but we got a text and a bunch of calls so we went. they had a pig and they said yeah its about three months old we killed it this morning. we had three butt the dogs ate two of them. 

it was really good

also at that i was at a table with my comp and 10 others they all spoke portunoul. its a mx of spanish and portogus. so one was talking to me and i was kinda getting it then two then three. and then i all of them at one time i just laughed and said si si si. then told my comp in english yeah im not understanding a thing right now.and we both laughed alot. the pig and carne was amazing though.

i love you and will send all the pics next week. 

Love Elder Pulsipher.

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