Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28th 2014

this week we started  using the bikes every other day. we got alot of leg work. so i am on a beach cruiser with no gears and my comp is on a bike that the gears are stuck on the easiest 3  gears so i am sucking wind and can hardly get up the hills and he has to pedal like a mad man to keep up on the down hills but he still cant keep up cause the gears are slow.

we were able to go out into the compo of our area we road for 45 minutes out to make a visit. there is not much out there. we rode for 20 minutes with out seeing a single person.

also this week i had divisions 2 times. one i was in a nother house i am told my comp yeah we have the cleanest house in the zone. we clean it every p day. and scrub it we all have chorse and we rotate them. 

this week also we did a visiters center at the stake center. and we took people on tours of the church and had people from the stake explain each organization. it was a good easy way to teach people about the church and to get them in. we would walk to the plaza and invite people to go and they would come with us. 

on the days we had bike s we were abole to double the number of lessions that we had. 

also we were able to go on splits with the bishop and with the 1 counsler that day we had 4 hours with member and 4 lessions with member when we normally would only get maybe 2 lessions and nothing more. we were able to double the work with more productive work as well.

we only had 84 in the church and the whole zone was low aswell. living in the house of the zone leaders you hear all that goes on in the zone.

love Elder Pulsipher.

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