Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19th, 2014

hello family 

this week we had zone conference and we had a 70 that came to talk to us so we had half the mission there. there was a lot of people. they had us fast before it so it could be more spiritual.  we had to wake up at 3 in the morning to get on a bus to go to ticuadombo. it was about a 3 hour drive. i tried to sleep the whole way and maybe got an hour. so when i got there i was a little hungry and tired and thirsty and it was 5 straight hours of capasitacion. that is a bad combo for a zone conference and for me to understand everything. but i tried my hardest.  dad i had to use what you did as a bishop and keep one leg in the air and rotate legs. but i learned a ton in this zone conference. it was fun to see everyone from my group there was 8 out of the ten from my group there.

  also this week we got our helmets we are gonna look a little rediculus cause they are small so the are like bubble tops on our heads but it will be good.

we ran out of gas in our heater so we were with out heat for sunday and this morning until we could get a new tank of gas. the heater that we have just spits out heat it is really nice. it came with the house and it is awesome.

adriana just finished the libro de mormon in one month exactly. we promised here brownies if she did so we proudly made here brownies. she has been working hard to gain a deeper testimony of the gosple.

this week we found out that one of out part member invesdtigater wasnt married so we got to get that done. that is a huge probnlem here no one gets married. kinda like guatamala.

me and my comp are working really hard and are trying to reactivate all 578 members in our ward.

also the wrestler in our house taught me and my comp some wrestling moves so we had to try them out on each other. so we were going and we both slammed each other. but dont worry we got our extra matresses out. bad news they slide around and they are never in the spot were you fall.

also this week the priesthood had a activity it was like our fathers and sons except it was just a asado night the only problem was it was the night that we were fasting so we couldnt eat it. 

the boarder for bazil is getting beefed up for the cup they have tanks and military and cameras there all day and everyday now. everyone is gettinmg really excited here for the cup. it is really cool to see how big the cup really is. it is bigger then the super bowl.

but adam i remeber you said that you could get tickets to the cup just getting there would be hard. just come here to artigas and walk across the bo

rder it is really easy and the military there dont stop anyone they are just drug controll. but we are about 5 hours on bus to the clostest stadium. you could get there real easy.

congrats to laura and the baby that is awesome.

congrats to alisa knowels as well for getting baptised.

Love Elder Pulsipher

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