Monday, May 12, 2014

MAy 11, 2014

this week i got to skype my family which was really fun and good  to see them. i need to only speak english with them and not spanglish sorry family. minus andrew and adam. (aubrey you to your in spanish in high school)

i got a new comp his name is elder el-bakri and he is a running back from byu. it is relly  fun to be comps with him and i am loving it here. 

so for change niight all the changes are done in the middle of the night so we do not miss any work days. so i had to go to the termanal at 12 to send people off and pick people up because i live with the zone leaders. and then i had to be up again at 4 to pick people up so basically i got no sleep that night and the whole mission doesnt get any either. but the next day everyone goes out and works.

i have been eating aton of bananas lately. like 7-8 a day they are really good here. we just pound through them. 

we are playing a ton of soccer every morning and i am getting better at it. my favorite position is still the defender and just go after the ball when people are playing up againts the wall. i always win that battle. 

my spanish is doing alot better i have talked alot more and thinking alot in spanish it  is really good.

i dont have much time this week but i am doing great and loving the work. 

Love Elder Pulsipher

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