Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014

this week was conference and it was really good.

it is a different experience watching it as a missionary with your notebook out and constantly taking notes.

you get alot more out of it by taking notes. 

this week i also had interveiws with the president, and afterwards i was able to go out and work with president. we went to the taylor family and she has been to the temple and he has not. they are about 60 he is a semi-active and has a problem with smoking. president has taught this man once before and has a strong bond with him. he told him, i want to see you come down to montivideo and i want to see you and your wife get sealled together. i could tell it hit him deeply and he wants to but struggles at times. he is a great man. there are pictures of us on presidents Facebook page. (ask my family if you dont know where or what that is.) but it was then my turn to bear my testimony in that lession. i expressed my deep gratitude for my parents examplñe to me to be married in the temple and make temple attendece such an important part of our lives. and to have us go as a family when we can. it is different to express this in english. but it was very powerfull in spanish. and for the love i have for my family. and for the ability to live with them forever.

we have been working really hard out here. i am working now on applying the things that i learned in conference. 

it is crazy that Heavenly Fathers Royal army on the earth right now is over 83000 that name was used by many appostles in past conferences. but with a Royal army needs a royal suport team and that is the wards. they too have to do there part. and each individual has to do there part in forwarding the work weather you are nursurly leader or stake president or a high counsel man you have the responsibility to work as the support team of Gods royal army. 

we have been challenged to work 7 hours a day with members. right now we are stugling to get 5 a week. so to everyone work with the missionaries.

we watched conference in a small secrataries closet and huddled around the computer. it was that or watch in spanish. 

Love Elder Pulsipher

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