Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014

this week has been a good week. we worked with this family. leyes. the dad is the son of the old stake president. his 10 year old son isnt baptized. we asked the dad if he would baptize his son. he said yes he just has to be ordained to a priest now. this is a great experience to get the whole family back together in the church. it is good to see the change and the happyness that the church brings to family. and how drawing closer to christ the families draw closer to eachother.

this week we had a choca de fuerza. basically all the missionaries in a zone go to an area and knock every door. it wa in my area and we got 30 references so we worked all week contacting those references. it was a lot of walking to get to the contacts. we got half of them done and hope to have the rest done this week.

we are prepping for general conference this week. we are hoping everyone will go to at least one session if not all 4 or five for priesthood. as for everyone at home i hope that you will go to all 4 or 5. 

i hope that adam is doing better that is dissapointing but now we get to go at it for a nother year so we will play for 3 years not just 2 together. it will be like high school my sophmore year at temecula valley high school. but in provo and everyone will be bigger and faster.

i am doing good here in artigas. im loving it. im learning alot of spanish and im learning how to make rice and potatos really well. it is alot of work but alot of fun.

Love Elder Pulsipher

so this is mate. im not drinking it. we arent aloud to but this is how everyone sits in lessons with mate. it is like a tea but its different. 
everyone drinks it. all day and everyday

in brazil at a food shack

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