Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014

this week was a good week i am able to speek more and more spanish. i am learning alot and i have put my training wheels(english scriptures for personal study) away and hvent touched them for the last two weeks. 

this week we had a nother noche de hogar and we had these alfahores but they were like chalk i your mouth. so for a competition we had to eat one as fast as we could. and it is like eating saltine crackers. it was imposible and it was like a past coving your entire mouth. 

i went on divisions and i stayed in my area. so i had o be the senior comp and run the area. i was pretty good at it. like knowing where everything is. and elder finnegan had prepared me well to do it. i know my area really well and where everyone lives its huge but i got a good sense of  it.

this week we played soccer at the church 3 times. so we would wake up at 550 say our prayers and then run to the church and get there at 610 it is a good little run. the first time was alittle hard and after soccer running and walking all day my legs were a little sore. but after that first time it isnt bad. 

it hasnt been very hot at all. t has been really cold. a couple of the days it didnt get over 10 degrees celcious. so we just bundle up and keep warm all day.

we are working hard and i am loving it out here.

Love Elder Pulsipher

 me and the zone leader traded sweaters.

my bed and the dog that always come to visit us. and  i sleep every night bundled up in the sleeping bag now.

thsi was last week it was really hot so we planned out side.

we did a bbq in the back of staffieris house 2 weeks ago. and we made a huge fire and we only had hot dogs to cook. and we cooked them on sticks from the tre. untill the sticks kept breaking. so we got a tyle from the ground cleaned it off tossed it on and fried the hot dogs on there with alittle oil.

this is food from a lady in the ward we were at here house at 8 and teaching here. she asked have you every tried lamb. and we said not for a long time so she brought this over to us wonce we left it was really good.

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