Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014

this week we moved into the new house. it is very nice and very big. i went from a small house to one of the nicest in the mission. and it is super clean. no mold or anything.

it was easter. that means no school all last week all the families come in town and no investigaters wanted to meet with us. we had a lot more menos activo visits. 

since catolic is the dominant religion all the traditions for semana santa happened.
no red meet on friday so we ate fish at the members house and a tradiotional desert.

next we had 100 people in church again us 6 missionaries in our ward are working hard. we are working with members we are averaging 10 hours a week for companionship but we need more. we need 35 so we still have more work to do with that.

we are playing soccer everymorning in the church and to get our work out in we play four on four. and if you get scored on you have to do 10 push ups it is alot more work that way cause we normally score 15 goals each team in the hour that we play. 

we have finally found bikes and are using them. my legs are getting a workout from that all day. 

i am doing really good. my spanish is coming along and i am able to understand alot with out intensly trying to understand. it is good, and i am using more spanish. 

in our house we speak about 75 percent spanish so that is helping too.

Love addi

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