Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 25, 2014

this week was changes so that is why i am writing on tuseday. this week we worked alot and are trying to find new people. 

we had a baptism of the stake and we had 6 people baptizeed. it was a neat experience we had 90 people at it. it was packed in the baptimal room picture 90 people in a room that is no bigger then 20 by 20 it was alot of people.

we are continung to teach the people that we are teaching. they are progressing which is very nice. both the less actives and the investigators. 

next week we are going to move into a new house. it is right next to the church.  it is alot bigger and nicer., the one i am in has had missionaries in it for the last 6-7 years. both hermnas and elders. there is a stack of liahona mgazines that is massive picture that many magazines through into  pile. 

i am with elder finnegan for another change as he trains me. it is going really good and i am learning alot from him.

last night we were at president buenos house for a good bye to one elder in our ward. he is getting changed. but we left his house at 923 and we have to be home by 930 and its a 20 minute walk. so we sprinted home to make it before 930 and we made it there with a minute to spare. that is not the first time we had to hurry home to make it on time but it was the longest.

we had another week with 102 people in the church which is awesome.

we were looking through the area book to find the recent baptisms from the past 5 years to go visit them if they were inactive. elder finnagen asked do you know who this one is. it was the bishop and his family. it is weird to think that the bishop is a new convert but he is a really good bishop. 

love Elder Pulsipher

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