Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014

this  week we had stake conference and the temple president and president smith where there. 

he spoke about the motto of the mission hoy es el dia. and ahoraes el momento. that means today is the day andright now is the time. he spoke in the life time of these 23 missionaries there has been over 100 temples built. the lord is hastening the work. every day these missiononaries combined do 230 work hours and over 1600 in a week. member of the artigas stake (and for everyother member everywhere else) if they can give that many hours in a week why cant you give one or 2 in a week. think how much more work that could be done.

so to everyone at home go out to work with the missionaries, they will appriciate the help.

this week was good we worked alot with the members and i hope that this next week will be even better. 

dad you know how you had grandma moose. in this area we have adriana. we went over there last night and she said i had a feeling you were going to come over i saved you some chicken and rice. so she gave us that and tapatio too.

this change is almost over it has gone by so quick. we are moving houses next week and i am going to live with the zone leaders and the new house is right next to the church. so we are going to play soccer alot there. it is starting to cool off so that means alot of rain and lighting when the lightning hits here it hits really really hard. and loud

everything is going good. 

love elder pulsipher

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