Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

this week went by super quick i wnet down to montevideo for a day and went to the temple. and we had zone conference. then sister smith was super nice and loaded me up with a ton of american food. she is the best. 

so i had a nother 16 hour on a bus and got back at 4 in the moring and then had to wake up at 630 and get to work the next day. there is no excuse in the mission for sleeping in. you get up at six 30 everyday no matter what.

this week was a litte low because of carnival. it is huge her in artegas. it starts at 11 and goes until 5 in the morning and everyone goes. it is for three days. so everyone was sleeping on the weekend. so it was hard to talk to people. 

we went to brazil today to get groceries. it is so cheep there. way cheeper then america. we went and found basically eveeryone from my zone at that store. 

i gave my first lession in spanish. it was a challenge. but the lady i gave it to loves the missionary and has talked with them for 9 years. she got baptised last year. but she understands the learning process of the language of eldres. it is fun to work with her. she even loves picy food. and has tapatio.

something that president smith taught us is that when the earth was being created, it was created for us. this huge massive project and that the world is so beautiful. and then god asked if man is on the earth then he made adàn y eve on the earth. he mad the earth and made men so they could have joy. so the purpose of life is to have joy. and we have joy by coming unto christ.

it is crazy how fast the mission is going i am already 2 months in but it has oly felt like a couple of weeks

love Elder Pulsipher

these pictures. one is the assfault melting one is cows infront of my house.

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