Monday, February 24, 2014

Feb 24

this week we had a whole family that we are trying to ractivate. there is a grandma and then i think 4 kids then lots of grandkids. the grandma just went through the temple a couple of weeks ago. she is in my area. then a daughter of hers is in my area too. so we got the grandma at church then the daughter showed up and we were really happy then a nother daughter showed up (she is in a different area but in the ward we have 6 missionaries in my ward). and they all stayed all three hours and brought there kids. they had a brother that had just gone to the hospitle an hour before and they all still made the sacrafice to go to church it was a really cool experience to see them there. 

so my area is really big and it is in the countryish right out side the main city. so everyone takes siestas. so our church starts at 4 so people will go cause they will sleep till 9 or ten wake up have luch go back to bed untill 330 and then stay up until 12 or one. 

also with that our study schedual is different it is personal at 8 and work at 9 until noon then lunch and comp study and launguage study and my training to be a missionary until 4 then work until 930 so we have a ''siesta'' our selves. 

so today we are travelling back to montivedeo to go to the temple. this is the first time that this mission is doing a temple trip. i think  it is zone conference and they are just having them all down in the mission home this change and everyone is going to the temple. so in the last 8 weeks i have gone to the temple 8 times. 

my  spanish is coming along i can follow most stuff now. it is anoying when i get asked a question and i hear all of it but one word. and then i dont know what they asked. but i can get most of it. i understood alot in church now so that is good. 

my comp is right on the hump of his mission. today he has exactly a yar left. and then on the 5 of march he is halfway and then on the 14 of march he has finished a year.

this week in church we had 4 investagaters in church. 2 of which love everything about the church go everyweek but dont agre with tithing so they cant be baptised.
  a nother is a 8 year old girl we havent started teaching her but her grandma is a member her grandkids moved in with her 2 week ago cause stuff at there home wasnt good. so we talked to the grandma saturday and she brought the littl girl we are going to teach her this week.

the 4th is a eternal invesagater and she comes everyso often but i havet met her yet.

i would send pictures but my camera is dead and i dont have a way to upload pictures.

but 2 saturdays ago and last saturday we had baptisms in our ward. it is really cool to see people make the dessision to come unto christ and make covanants and keep them.

so all of last week i had sweated for 5 days straight day and night. nonstop sweat. i was constantly drenched. 

so today we leave at one and we take a 8 hour bus ride to the mission home stay the night go to the temple eat american food. go to some meetings then leave around 6 back to artiges. and get home around 2 in the morning. its alot of bus but i feel like i am gonna sleep alot of it. 8 hours a night is still not enough sleep. 

love elder pulsipher

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