Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November 3, 2015

this week we have changes. my comp is going home and he asked president to spend the last 3 days in his area that he had been in before in the same zone. so I was with elder Whitacre for the last 3 days. he looks like he could be a Pulsipher. so its like i was with a mini-me.

but for my comp i will be with elder Neilson. he was my comp last year in December. the super tall blond one. this will be a blast of a change. pte smith called for the changed Sunday and he told me that my comp would be elder Neilson. ¨you deserved it. you have worked hard¨ because pte knows we got along and worked very hard together. 
he was comps with me. for one change and then with elder woodcock for two. and i was with elder woodcock as well for 2 changes.
so we have all been comps to each other for 2 changes each. 

this last week i learned alot about the plan of salvation and how it works with us. why are we here on the earth.... to learn and to grow. and if we keep that in mind with all other questions of the gospel. everything makes sense. God gives trials so that we can grow and progress. 

and also in PME in the section of our life on the earth. 
the first sentence is the life is a great opportunity and blessing. 
How is it a blessing. we don't get blessings for free. we have to earn them somehow. so something that we did qualified us for these blessing that we are receiving. 

and that was our obedience before this life. and for the choices we made. some of us come into better situations then others. i don't know if that is from our obedience before this life. i would like to thinks so... from what i was given i feel i must of been very obedient before this life. i have had many opportunities in my life that others do not have. and never will. but  with much is given, much is expected. so i will have to continue and grow my talents that the Lord Gave me.

i heard that anson needs to kick for tvhs. i heard they are struggling with that one.

Elder Pulsipher

i kinda broke my plaque doing push ups at district meeting. we were seeing who could do 50 in the fastest time. i won with 26 seconds

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