Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9, 2015

this week we had stake conference and President smith came as well. it was a great conference and alot of people loved it as well. all the talks hit the same points. and they were the basics. they all came in them from different angles but they all hit that we need to read the book of mormon.read read read. that is the basics and base to all learning in this life.
we were all given the challenge to read the book of mormon with in the next 5 months, before the next conference. i like this challenge. becuase now everyone is getting pushed from there leaderes as well.

we had a talk given about the safest place for a ship is the port. but a ship is not made to be docked in port. it is just like us and the church building. we a made and here to go out and work in the ward. and help others come home to the port.

but we went out and worked with him .after the stake conference and it was a great lesson. i feel early on in my mission i was timid when i taught with leaders or with Pte smith. but now i have come to a point where i know what i am teaching will save the person. and to be honest with elder Neilson and i we felt as if president was just another member that we were working with.

we made cinnomon rolls today they are super good. but i am wiating for moms cinnomon rolls.
and tommorrow we hav concilio in montevideo so this will be interesting to see what we are going to do with the mission.

President smith has a ton of trust in us. it was interesting, at dinner he was telling us all sorts of things and asked us if we wanted to go to rivera together this week. since we were comps there last year.

Also Luciana and Fedreco got married we were pretty happy about that.

Elder Pulsipher


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