Wednesday, November 25, 2015

November 25, 2015

sorry for not writing last week. there was some complications and a few bus rides to montevideo.

but i am doing good. this last week we worked hard and we found about 4 new people to teach. 

so we had an interesting situation with our water. we had it cut for 6 days. it just got turned on last night before we left for montevideo. so lucky we were able to shower. sponge baths were just not cutting it.

but we are doing good. and working. 
we found a kid named maximo. he is 18 years old and his whole family are member except for him.... i dint know why he is not baptized yet. we left a chapter to read and we came back for the next visit and he had read it and not only that but looked in the guide for the scripture and written questions that he had from his reading and he prayed and was truly seeing to understand more. i am excited for him to continue to progress. 

we also have a 18 year old the is going to do a mini mission from our ward. she was semi active and not very interested with her scripture studies... this past sunday she got the call saying she was going to serve in rivera... wow did she change. not only her but also her entire family. they are all reading and super energetic about the church. it is perfect timing as well. because the mom is just coming back strong. so this will be a huge blessing to the family and they will love it.  ... as well she will be able to do interviews with pte this next week.

other then that we are doing good. i hope that all will go good today and will be able to start with running and not have to take anymore showers with a bag.

I love you all and Happy Thanksgiving

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