Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26, 2015

this last week we were able to teach the doctrine of christ again to the people. it has help the majority of the people here to come back and take the sacrament.
we had a bauptism of the child of someone that we had brought back to church. his child has just turned 8 and so he was baptized by his father. they are going to get sealled here in january. so that was very nice to see.
President called us on saturday morning and he told us he wanted to take us up to riverea for the weekend. he was going to stake conference there. and since my comp and i had both been there he wanted to take us with him. but things didnt workout on our side for getting out for the weekend. we had to many lessons. but he told us next time he will take us. he has done alot of these trips with me since i have become zone leader. he normally doesnt do these with anyone.
Elder Pulsipher


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