Monday, October 12, 2015

Oct 12, 2015

this week there was alot of new things that happened. at zone conference on tuseday Pte brought me in to talk with me and said that he was going to switch my comp. he did not like his attitude and he was going to get switched to montevideo and the next change if he doesnt change he will get pulled down from zone leader. i hope he can get his act together. but he came and didnt want to be here in TBO. 

but now i have elder Farnsworth. he is going home in 4 weeks. so it will be a good 4 weeks of work and then i will get a new one. 

so this weke i worked in every single area in the zone doing divisions and staying with other missionaries because my comp left on wenseday and my next comp got here on friday night. so i was going all over the place. but it was good to be able to work with all the elders in th zone and help them all out. 
so i was thinking alot about what mom always said to me Remember who you are and what that means. it is crazy to look at our eternal potential. we have so much and we need to work to acheive it. not only will we get there. to live with Heavenly father. we will alose Become like him. and live as he lives. what is our true potential. and this potential is not only for me. but also for everyother one of Gods Kids. 
if we look at there perspective. like the apostle said in conference. if we look at the people with the perspectiveof the Father. it changes everything.

these first 3 weeks of the change have flow by we are already in week 4. but thats because i was gone out of my area 8 of the days. it was crazy. but now its crank down and work.

we have had 2 families so far come back and are active now. so we are having alot of success out here in the matutina.

Elder Pulsipher


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