Monday, October 19, 2015

October 19, 2015

The weeks are flying by. this last week we had a ton of lessons helping the less actives come back to chuch and make goals to get there temple recomond back. 

we have been working with a family to acheive these goals so that they can go back to the temple as a family.

we have been working with our ward leaders alot here in this ward and they are now working very efficiently with the plan that we have. 

as for the zone we have worked with them to focus in on more investagators. there are alot more people that have people progressing with a baptisml date. we are happy with that and all the wards, this last week, went up with all there numbers. so that makes us happy that the zone is clicking alot better now.

we did service this week with our elders quorme president and he reminds me alot of dad and grandpa. he has a nice house and nice things because he works hard and he is constantly working. we have plans to make a bench and a rack for lifting. i have all the weights just not a rack. so this will be nice and a help to continue getting bigger.

i hope everything is going well at home. aubrey i am praying for you in your test this week. keep it up

and adam i am hearing good things from you from some of my misison buddies. keep killing it out there on the football feild.

i hope everyone is doing good.

this week i was studying the basics again. i went in lession one and ripped apart the teachings in PMG. i asked simple questions and tried to get better understanding.

for example
God has a body of flesh and bone.
Where and when did he get it?
Jesus Christ is central to the plan of God
Why and why Jesus, why not someone else
and there were some other ones that i cant remember but i have written down. it is just interesting to ask simple questions that we think we know. but we really dont.

for example where is the spirit world. on the earth. but there is prission and paradice. where are they are. its seperated. but where is it seperated...

how was it phyisically possible that christ bled from his pores. did his skin disolve or what. what happened with that.

who created us. God the Father or Jesus christ.
did god the father have to pass through an atonement.
how did The father become perfect.
did he have a christ.
how  many christ exist

just many interesting things.

hope all is well. keep working hard
Elder Pulsipher


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