Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015

this week we had may first and on may first the world shuts down. litterally. there was no busses. all the stores shut down and all the members went of a stake ativity. and everyone else was just at home making asados or at friends houses partying
but luckly we had charlas planned that day and they didnt fall through on us so we were good.
this week i went on 2 divisions. one with thezone leaders and the other with a elder in my district. the zone leaders house is ontop of the zero. it is right next to the fortaleza. if you look it up youll know what i am talking about. it is one of the biggest and only hills that exsist in uruguay. but for the morning we ran up the hill and the night before we stuffed ourselves with aroz con leche. and it was super windy. so we sprinted up all the way to the top of the him and then on the way back down i had to make a stop and had a little breakfast of arroz con leche from the night before. it didnt taste the same the second time. and then we made it all the way back to the house. but the veiw from the top of the hill is awesome. you can see all of montevideo.

so somthing very interesting that happened this week is we taught a guy that is a navy seal but for the uruguay army. and it was fun being able to teach him. he is a member of the church. he was baptized 8 months ago but he got shipped of the night he was baptized on a special mission and was gone for three months. and then had more mini missions that he had. but now has a month off and is going to progress well. we were teaching him the doctrine of christ and we were talking about a part were it says. if you dont repent and be baptized you will be condenado. and that means damned in english. but it doesnt work well in spanish. but what it is trying to say is that you will not get the blessings from God. you can not progress more. so we were talking about that and i asked him if he knows what it feels like when his body can litterally go no more. he straight face told me ¨No¨ no i dont. and i was like oh man he really doenst. i was thinking about that and then applying it to us in the goepel. we can always keep going it is our mind and satan that tell us we cant. he reminded me of what i learned up at college. that you can always go more. you always have more in your tank and can always fight more. when your body says it is done. you have 2 thirds of the tank to go.

this week i saw an examplñe of that. we went out to work with someone that is paralized on one side. he asked to go out. we walked for an hour and a half with him. (normaly a 10 minute walk) he has a crutch and he (tee tok´s) his way around. thats what he calls it. he can only speak 5 to six different words. but the crazy thing is is he is converted. he is fighting to EVERYTHING he can to help the lord and to serve him. he can always do more. he might not of been able to testify in the lesson or to talk at all. but he was  a great testimony to me that no mater who we are or how we are there is work to be done and we have to be willing to do it. and we have to give everything thing that we can. and if we can willingly do that we will be blessed.

this sunday  there is voting and the whole world will shut down. and it will be crazy. not even our church building will be open for the sacrament. there will be voting that will take place within. so we have to go to the church in delta. the one that i got lost finding and then finally found it. so we will go out there and then come back home and plan. and then skype the family. 

so i hope everything is going great and hope everyone is able to read the book of mormon everyday.

Love Elder Pulsipher

familia Lopez from Oeste 18

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher


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