Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May 19, 2015

this week was the week of changes. for me there was no change. we are staying together. and also my district is staying the exact same. so thiswill be good for getting the ball rolling. the change hasnt even started but we have all the divisions already planned out and everything. 

today i was able to go to the temple, it has been a while since i have gone. it has been since december. we had to wake up at 530 to go, but its worth it. we are working with the ward to prepare them for there ward conference. they are focussing in on the theme of family history. also i was assigned to be the young mens president. so this week with the youth for mutual we are going to the stake center and we are going to the family history center and we are getting them all rolling with family search. 

this last week as well we had  baptism in the ward. she had been an investigator for 8 months and was just waiting on getting married to get baptized.  but she got baptized.

i have been looking for families to teach and i have been praying for them to. it is something that i am searching for in this area. this ward needs a few more young families in it.

i have practiced making peanut butter and i am getting pretty good at it. its not skippy pero es lo que hay.

with changes we have to clean the house and do a deap clean on it. our sink has been stinking. so i took it apart, the plumbiing. and cleaned it all out. it waspretty bad. like watercould hardly get through. so now the house is cleaned up and it is alot nicer.

happy birthday catherine. thats crazy thats she is already 1 year old. 

keep up the work and working hard.

i love you all 

Elder Pulsipher

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher


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