Monday, February 16, 2015

Feb 16, 2015

this week we were able to work really hard and the work paid off. we had 20 more people in the church with us and we also had 27 hours with members. thats the highest two numbers i have ever had in my mission. and this week we have planned to do alot of divisions and we have 40 hours planned. i have notices the more hours we have the more in the church we get.

also this week we have been planning a ward activity and it is a trip to paradise. but the plan crashes and then we go throught hte kingdoms of gloria. and it focuses in on the families. this will be a very good boost to the wards energy to work and acheive success. 

i have been seeing with my comp the harder we work the harder satin works on him. it is something odd to see. the more obbidient we are he says the more trials he has to go through... just a reminder to everyone that satin hates you and doesnt want you to work hard at all. because when we work hard God wins and he loses. its a battle and we need to fight it with all our strength.

i have been reading alot in mosiah and with king benjamina nd how awesome he was. he was the king and he was out there fighting against the lamenites. and then he can preach to the people with such power because of the trust that they have in him and the love that they have for him. 

when the people trust us they will listen to us and the will much easierly repeant and come unto  christ.

this week we also have a conference with a 70 in tacuadombu. so we will go to that on saturday and then come back for church on sunday. i hope that doesnt mess up with people coming to church because saturday is ¨GAME DAY¨ it is when we go around initing everyone to church. but it will have to be friday now

well i love you all


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