Monday, February 9, 2015

Feb 9, 2015

this week we had an awesome baptism of a kid in our ward. his name is lorenzo. his last name could be one of three. castrol. beis or gonsalves. the tuth they dont even know. its because his dad is brazillian. and they do something weird with the last lçnames. i think the kid takes the moms name. bbut la verdad i have no idea.

but we were asked to teach the lorenzo all the lessons before he got baptized. so we got really close with the family and with him. it was awesome to see him get baptize.

to let you know what kind of family he is from. one grandpa is the patriarck for the stake in brazil right next to ours. and the other is a ex stake president. so lets just say they are two rocken families. at the baptism everyone showed up. we had 105 people at the baptism. and normal church attendence is 75-80. so its alot more. when the church buiding is full like that you feel the spirit so much stronger. i could only imagine how it is in the conference center with 22000 and every seat is full.

but the interesting part was half the talks were in portugues and one prayer in portugues. the cool thing is that i can understand everything that they are saying. speaking. well im still working on that one

but both grandpas spoke and it was awesome. 

other then that we had alot of work with less actives and bringing them back.

this next week my kid will do divisions and stay in the area for the first time. so this will be very interesting how it will go.

also there has been to many missonaries having the vision of lehi in there morning prayers. and they. or they are praying like enos all morning long. so there has been a nother change in our daliy schedual. we now dont just roll out of bed and pray now we dont pray until after we exersice and shower. so this way we can be awake and pray and seek revolation insted of seek to have our dream back. it has helped alot.

anso this ones for you. at prodigy do you remember the C word. (i C**´t) yeah well me and my comp have instituted that rule and it has helped him so much. i do 25 push ups everytime he says it and he does 7. when he first started the change he was unable to do one. saturday well he had alot of repenting to do. he did 140. and that means i did 500. it was kinda funny. he did 5 and then said i beep do more. or i beep lift my arm. and we just kept doing them and doing them. he has changed so much. everything has to do with the mind. he is working hard to have a can do will do attitude. he reminds me alittle but of me before the mission. i wouldnt do things out of my comfort zone. and neither will he., but he wants to and he has asked for help. the mind has so much control over us. as he controls his mind he will becaçome such a more confident person and grow so much

I love you all. keep working hard.

Elder Pulsipher

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher


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