Monday, January 5, 2015

Jan 5, 2015

this last week was a great week of work with out distractions. we were able to get a great planning session in at the biginning of the week and then we were able to work hard all week and have a good week of work.

i was able to go on divisions and we had a great day in our area. as well as we got some home teaching done. that is something that i we as missionaries are doing in this ward as well.
but this is the only ward i have ever seen with hoime teachers.
we had a ward executive priesthood meeting and our bishoip lit a fire under everyones butts in a good way. he said that every investagator that we have right now will be baptized if and only if they get visits from the ward members and leaders. so he then went through each of ours and the hermans weekly reprt paper and said ok this person tell me about him. ok now i want some one from the bishopric. i will go to this one. yeoung me. elders quorm. ward mission learder. ward missionaries. ok now we have 5 visits with members for him. ok next person and assigned 5 more people. and continued for the ones we had and the hermanas as well then said. ok now what mpore do we need to do for the less actives. 

he is awesome. i feel he is the best bishop here. 
this week we found or re found  investagater that we haddnt taught in about 2 changes here. and we are teaching him again and then he went to church. that was sweet. we had just about everyone that we had taught the week before go to church. even a 18 year old that hadnt gone in 2 years. and then right after church we were able to exercice our priesthood and give two blessings and then go give the sacrament and have a testimony meeting in this ladies bed room. that was a really spiritual experience. and we invited a thirteen yearl old deacon to go with us to pass the sacrament to him so he could have a chance to use his priesthiood athourity out of the church building

we also had new years and with that the new years fireworks were a ton better then the christmas ones. 

we are working hard with the ward and we will get results with the gameplan that our bishop and the mission has. as long as we work together and with diligence. the members and missionaries.

a story that i loved this week was 

God did not leave us to suffer the full effects of “that
awful monster, death and hell.” Read 2 Nephi 9:10,
and mark what God has prepared for us.
Read the following analogy from President Joseph
Fielding Smith that illustrates our need for a Savior:
“A man walking along the road happens to fall into a
pit so deep and dark that he cannot climb to the surface
and regain his freedom. How can he save himself from
his predicament? Not by any exertions on his part,
for there is no means of escape in the pit. He calls for
help and some kindly disposed soul, hearing his cries
for relief, hastens to his assistance and by lowering a
ladder, gives to him the means by which he may climb
again to the surface of the earth.
“This was precisely the condition that Adam placed
himself and his posterity in, when he partook of the
forbidden fruit. All being together in the pit, none
could gain the surface and relieve the others. The pit
was banishment from the presence of the Lord and
temporal death, the dissolution of the body. And all
being subject to death, none could provide the means
of escape.
“Therefore, in his infinite mercy, the Father heard the
cries of his children and sent his Only Begotten Son,
who was not subject to death nor to sin, to provide
the means of escape. This he did through his infinite
atonement and the everlasting gospel” (Doctrines of
Salvation, ed. Bruce R. McConkie, 3 vols. [1954–56],
Most of Jacob’s message in chapter 9 focuses on the
way the Lord prepared for us to escape the grasp of
physical and spiritual death, and it assures us that we
can be delivered

i love you all

Elder Pulsipher
Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher

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