Monday, January 26, 2015

Jan 26, 2015

this week we were getting into the grove of working with my new comp. 

he is doing alot better though he is starting to like the mission. i have been able to talk to him alot about his testamony and how he can become more comfortable in the mission. for example what things he could work on. alot of it i learned up at college with Craig Manning. i am glad we had to take the sports sycology class it is helping a ton with me on the mission and with helping my comp

this week in our ward we had a baptism and the lady afterwards gave her testomny and it was really powerful. she knew her sins were forgiven and she knew that this is th path back to christ and she knew that she could go to the temple and do the work for her family. she only has one regret. that she could of done this 79 years ago.

as well we did splits of sunday night and we were able to get in 6 visits between the both of us within the one hour that we did it. it was a great chance to invite the less actives to church. somethiing really quick but really effective.

also we took a hike real early this morning on the line on uruguay and brazil to see the sun rise. it was super pretty up on top of this montain. one side you could see urugauy and you turn around and you look and see all of rivera(uruguay) i will attach som pictures.

as well this week we have been working with a mom and a sin silvia and facundo and they have been progressing very well we found them last week and the have a baptism date in february so this will be fun to help them out. they alreay have a ton of friends that are members. tonight we are going to have a family home evening with them and a nother family in the ward.

as well this week our bishop ¨motivated¨ the ward to do there part with the missionary work of keeping all the members active. he did it with d and c 101. he helped them understand the importance of home teachers and visiting teachers and doing the visits

we are working hard with the ward and they are working hard to help us. so together the work will progress so much faster and we wont be waisting our time on things the ward should be doing.

i love you all
Elder Pulsipher

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher


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