Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Jan 13, 2015

this last week we had a conference and the entire way of missionary work has changed to start of we read d and c 101 43-57 and the brethern in sakt lake and in south america said we were to study this and join it with the new plan we were about to get as well as with now is the time for the member and missionaries to work together.

we are now working a whole lot witht the members and a bigger part of the ward. 
it will be a lot better way of working and more efficient way of working but will take more effort from the ward members

as well as that i will be training these next to changes so i will be heading down to montevideo tonight to pick up my kid this will be a fun trip. 

as in the ward with this new plan the whole work has been kick up and ramped up. im excited for everything that is going to happen. here in the work.

we have started to play volleyball in the mornings of p day we wake up 30 minutes early we are playing for 2 hours syuding and then playing after. its the only sports we can do. but we are getting better at it.

this week we worked alot with helping the members progress and in the sence of everything. the ones that arent endowed to get them endowed. the ones that dont hold family home evening have them do them with our help. everyone can progress everyone has room for improvement.

also we did a service and cleaned out a members storage shed. and in it was about 1000 crockroaches that we had to kill. so we got a bottle of raid and went to town. we got a bunch of them then stepped on a bunch as well. im just glad we dont have that problem at home.
im excited for this next change. it should be a good learning experience and alot of growth. 

good thing as well. do you guys remeber debby from artigas. the american body builder. well she gave elbakri a bunch of weights like 140 kilos and bars and stuff. and she then said that i can have them after wards, so i should be getting a huge gym in my own house. so this will be alot better way to work out for the rest of my mission

ive been doing cross fit and i havent worked out legs in forever and my butt is really sore form it. and we live on top of a hill. so walking home every night is a blast with sore legs. but im just getting used to it now.

as for the work we had a family home evening with the bishoip and his family invited a nonmember friend and it was a great chance to have a lesson with a nonmember and its super easy and worked really well. HÁGALO. 

this week was a little bit differnet witht he conference and then lots of meetings with the ward to set up this plan in the ward and then a deep clean of the house. so now our bathroom smells like a pool for all the clorine(bleach) that we used in it.

well i hope all is well and i love you all

Elder Pulsipher

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher


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