Monday, January 19, 2015

Jan 19, 2015

this week i got my new comp. elder salgado from hondurus. he is a great guy and ready to learn the ways of the mission. i am working hard to help himm understand all of the things he needs to as a missionary. and the major one that will be a tidious one is to have to desire to work hard. that is something that not everyone quite has down. i didnt either when i got to the mission. i got the work hard part down. i could do that. just not to have the constant desire to work hard.

as we are working it is hard for him to keep up witht the walking and i understand that at first it was hard for me as well. but as i am training him i feel like i am retraining myself everything that i need to know and do as a missionary.

this week i was reading in 2 nephi 28 and i read 24. wo unto those that are at ease in zion. for me that hit me and lit a fire under my butt. i can just go throught the motions of teaching. just being content with what i have and not worry about more. this last change was like that a little bit. we just got stuck in it with all the holidays and the lack of time we had to work. but we really cannot be hesitent in zion. we can just go through the motions. we can just be happy with what we got. behave to fight formore. wehaveto desire to acheive more and know howto get it.

that istrue in all things not just in missionary work but in life.

so this week on tuseday night i went down to montevideo to pick up my kid and we go there and to pick them up we form a line infront of the temple and we walk behind them and then start singing called to serve and i have it on video except my camera died halfway through which stunk. 
but it is a great way i think to meet your new comp.

this week we also had a ward temple trip and that was great we had a family get sealed in the temple and the whole ward helped them and supported them all the way. it was a great experience to see.

we were also able to find 4 new people that are already progressing. so we willbe working with them and helping them along the way.

this week in church i was able to give a talk. and i have started to love speaking in church. unlike back before when i had to give youth talks and i wrote it at the last second. well now i dont even write it. i just know what theme i am going to speak on and then i go up there and use the scriptures  and just speak. no outline no nothing. just go for it

well i love you all keep working hard

Love Elder Pulsipher

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