Monday, August 18, 2014

August 17, 2014

well this week was a little bit different we had an emergency run to the hospitle. all weekend my comp was a little bit sick with a cold. and then on wenseday morning he didnt get out of bed. and was super cold. and shivering. we called hermana smith to see what to do. we did the things she did but he didnt get better.  i gave him a blessing then i  wrapped him in blackets and hoped that would work. nothing. then finally at 10 the secrateries had to come home. (im living with them and they have a car) and we decided to run him to the hospitle because he was getting worse and worse. on our way we were flying down the streets of montivedeo. he was getting worse and worse his hands cramped up and went numb then his legs and his arms so he didnt have any movement in them at all. and his breathing was getting supper heavy. we finally got there and got out of the car and we had to then walk in the hospitle for about 150 yards the the E.R. and so i picked him up and carried in my arms all the way in. he is short but he is stocky. but we got him in the room. and they gave him an iv and some drugs to counter everything. his temp was up at 39.8 which is 103.7 it rose a ton in the car on our way. but after 3 hours he was back to normal minus stiill sick and super tired. so for the next two days we were stuck in the house. i tried to get people to go out and work but i couldnt get 2 members to do it at the same time. so what i did was i read. i started the book of mormon and read a chapter then did 10 reps of exercice. and then read a nother and then ten more. i did that for 3 days straight all day 9 until 9. i was super dead at the end of the day. but last week with extra reading at night and through lunch on friday and saturday i finish the book of mormon all the way through. there is some good stuff in there. and it is so frustrating in alma and in helaman and the beginig of 3rd nephi. why cant they both just be rightous at the same time. its either one or the other. and they are so zuick to forget.

but on friday i was able to get a corto plaso.(mini missionary) and we went out to work as my comp went with the secrataries because it was to cold for him to be out working. but we went worked all day. having only 5 days of work in my area it was a little confusing where everything was but i think i got it now. but i have come to love teaching the doctirine of christ. there is so much with it and is relatable to everyhitng. i gave a talk in it focusing in the sacrament and i had the stake president come up to me and said that was a really well given talk and i liked it alot. as well as less actives saying that they really needed to hear it. i have a challenge and a beleif for you all. it you really understand the doctine of christ you will never stop going to church for the rest of your life. you will never miss a week either.

this week we didnt work much but it was a good week. our investagater with a date for baptism didnt go to church because he had work. but he will continue to progress for the 30th we are praying that he will work for this date. and work to truely become converted.

we are still working hard to find. it is a never ending battle. we are also white washing the ward list. there are alot of people that moved and they moved about 10 years ago.

we are working hard  and the city is growing on me the busses are still nuts cause i cant see out the window because i am to tall so i dont know when to get off

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher

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