Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11, 2014

this week was my first full week in my 2nd area. my comp is from peru. he is a conver aof a year and then left on the mission. he has a year in the mission now so he is relatively new in the church but he is really good.

as for the area it is really different then artigas. it was a huge shock at first for the first couple of days. we contact all day and we are fighting for lessons. we may have one lession that is planned for the day and the rest is contacting. trying to find people. it is discouraging at times. i have talked to a friend of mine in the mission because he was down for concilio of the zone leaders and he was in this area before. he said you just have to rely on the lord and you will see miricles. 

but yes it is the city and artigas are really different. the people are not as open as they are in artigas. but i haave come to love them already. i have been teaching this one family and they are the family cantero. they are a menos activo family and he is not a member. but he now has a bautismal date for the 30th of august i hope and pray that he will progress to that point. he has a 8 year old biy named nacho and he is a studd. he has down syndrom and he is awesome. he salutes us like we are military men. he is such a blessing to there family. they love him.

seeing nacho and me reading a liahona that has a section on abortion and one point was that you shouldnt do it if you know there will be defects in the baby. i can see the joy that they are experiencing because they have him. it is a testament that it is true, families bring happiness. no matter what trial.

also we went to make a visit and give the sacrament to a lady in a retirement home. she is confined to a wheel chair. and she cant go to church. so we went to give her the sacrament. the joy she had form a little visit and the sacrament is really amazing. it is true how much it gives. she said that she had been sad. but after she took it she was really happy. i could she it in her. and it made me happy as well

this area is a lot different and it will be a learning expeirence for me in how to contact and fight for people to teach because they are hard and few between. 

something cool about my area we have a huge cathidrol in it and we visit it today. it is on top of a little hill and looks over the city.  

also we have the white house of uruguay in our area. it is the house of the president of uruguay.

love you all

Elder Pulsipher


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