Thursday, February 6, 2014

Feb 6, 2014

well this week we had a couple of events.

1 we went proselyting, and of course it was raining. it was raining pretty hard and they and we had to walk around on dirt roads and it was super hot. we were sweating like pigs and getting rained on at the same time. it wasnt a good combo. because then for the rest of the day there was thousands of mosquitos. it was to the point where we would be walking and 20- 30 of them where on me or my companion. i will not joke i killed at least 100 of them that day. it was funny we we came back everyone counted there bites the average for the group was around 40. 

there is two reasons for that story. #1 is why would i go to a foreign country and speak a different launguage and walk in the mud and the rain and get eaten alive by mosquitos. why would anyone do that.we talked as a district. we did it because we know that Jesus Christ lives. we know that joseph smith was a prophet. we know that he had the first vision and restored the truth of the gospel on the earth. we know that he translated the book of mormon. and it brings happiness. we want to share this with everyone we can. that is why we did all theses things. because we know that the church is true and it brings us happiness and happiness to anyone that listens. i know that if you read the words of christ which are in the book of mormon you will be happier

second reason for the mosquito story. we could not take it anymore my compainion was ready to flip out cause he was getting more bites then i was. so we stopped and said a prayer in the street. we said in the name of the son Jesus Christ we command you mosquitos to get thee hence. i have never been to the point where i have been so determined to get rid of something that i said i command you to leave. and command it in the name of jesus christ. but the mosquitos did not come near us for the remainding 2 hours. they were still out and getting other people but they didnt touch us. it was really cool to see that me and my compaion both could have enough faith in christ that it would work. and it did.

next story we had the most amazing asada on saturday. it was probably the best meat i have ever had. it was truly amazing and i hope to go back and get more this week if we are in the same place.

a district got stuck in their room. the door handle broke and the lock

was still in the doorway. it was a huge thing at the ccm. and it was kinda funny. they ended up having to grind the door handle off.

love elder pulsipher

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