Thursday, January 30, 2014

Jan 30, 2014

this week went by really quick. we got in new elder last night. they got in at 11 and the hermanas came noocking on our door and i had no idea what was going on. so being the district leader me and my comp went and help the new elders get to there rooms and make there beds take there suitcases up tell them what time to wake up, what time is breakfast. all that stuff. so i got back to bed at midnight. thats really late for a missonary.
we get in about 30 more missonaries today. so it should be fun meeting everyone. i have been able to talk to the new people in spanish and get my point across. i ever was using different tenses. so that was good. this week we are going prosoliting in a niceer area. that means there is some american food. which is nice i am excited to be out in the feild. dan and i have been talking and he will pick me up from the airport.
andrew and adam. the latins are so small. it is kinda funny. like the tallest is 5'9 they are short. i have read alot in the book of mormon and it is truly amazing how happy it makes you. it truly is the word of christ. we have listened to numorous president holland talks and it is amazing how powerfull he is i love him. he is really cool.
we saw some missonaries that are going home yesterday it was cool to talk to them and have them tells us some experiences
i am continually working and it is paying off. my spanish is comming along. i still dont know everything but i am almost to the point where i can manage. the grammer isnt right and the words arent perfect but its getting there.
love elder pulsipher

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