Monday, February 17, 2014

Feb 17, 2014

so this week i got to uruguay and dan was there to pick me up from the mtc. it was awesome. then we went back to the mission home and we had orientation. i talked with the smiths which was really cool. we met our trainers in front of the temple then we went to the temple together so it was a cool first experience. my trainer is elder finegan he is from missiori. he was dans comp in the mtc. so he knows him very well. so after the temple we  got on a bus to my area. my area is artegas. it was a 8 hour bus ride out there and we got in at 2 in the morning so we got to our hous at 3.

 my house is a little concrete shack with sheet metal roof. its got running water and hot water. well its hot for five minutes. my area is artegas and dan is in the area to. so i am with him right now. 
so my spanish is coming along. i am getting better with it. i can comunicate and buy stuff on my own at stores and things. i am able to follow almost all of the lessions we are teaching. we got to our area on wenseday so with 4 days we taught 20 lessons so we are working hard. i am waling about 15 to 20 miles a day. and its all dirt roads. it is about 2 km to church so on sunday we had to be at church early to meet with the ward mission learder. then we had to go back to pick someone up and walk them to church. we talked to him right before we walked the first time and we said wed be back in 30 minutes. so we walk back and he is not there anymore so then we had to walk back to church. it was frustrating but that is the problem here no one goes to church. everyone is very lazy and laid back. time doesnt really matter here.
there is 500 on record in our ward but only 90 go. so its alot of finding and getting inactives back to church. 

so artegas is known to be hot hot hot like 130. and no one has AC. you just sweat all summer long. but it has been cool this week like 80-90s. it is right next to brazil. so today we walked to brazil and went shopping. we went to a place that is like tocanos. it was so good. its the real deal. i could hear the meat mooing to me it was so good. 

this week has been chalenging but fun i am getting used to being a missionary and learnig sppanish. the people are awesome here. it is really pretty. my area is huge. like i could walk an hour and still not be close to the edge. there is a lot of work to do but president told me that i was put there to do it. he knew i should be there in artegas it was cool.

love elder pulsipher

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