Thursday, January 9, 2014

Jan 9, 2014

Hello family.
How is it going. This week has been crazy. Alot of stuff has happened. The first email i sent didnt work and it got deleated so i am going to write a new one real quick. It is very good here. It is alot of work. However it has a lot of reward.
                To start off from when i left on the plane i got moved to an exit row which was very nice. There wasnt any missionaries on my first flight. Then i landed in atlanta. If anyone knows atlanta i was on one side of the airport and i had to go to the international terminal which was on the other side of the airport. That airport is really spread out and huge. But i got to the terminal and i found all the other missionaries. There was 8 elders and 8 hermanas on the flight to argentina, we all got on the plane and we Heard all the latins speaking spanish. We all had absolutly no idea what they were saying or if they were even saying anywords at all and just rambling random things. I got moved again to the exit ro won this flight. And on this plane there wasnt a seat in front of it and i could sprawl out and try and sleep. None of the missionaries got anything more then 3 hours of sleep on the plane.
                We got to the airport and got through custums somehow without knowing any spanish at all. Then we got on this tiny bus with all our luggage and got to the ccm.
                I have learned so much here at the CCM (MTC). I have learned so much about the góspel and about christ. I have learned so musch spanish now that i am here. It is kinda impressive that in a week i can now hold full 10-15 minute conversations with people in spanish as well as pray and bear my testimony in spanish as well. It is crazy how much you can do if you rely on the lord and and depend on him in everything. If you rely on the lord you can acomplish everything.  (my spanish is progressing so quickly i think in some spanish now and as i write in my journal i use spanish words and spanish grammer with out thinking. So those that know i am horiable at english spelling and gramar it is gonna get alot worse over these next two years.)
                President openshaw is amazingly smart with the scriptures. You can ask him any góspel related question no matter how deap orhow shallow it is he will through our 3-4 scriptures of the top of his head that would answer your question. He is rediculus.
                This week there has been so much that has been going on. I just went to the temple and the sesión was in spanish, that was an adventure. But it was really good.
                I am district leader. I dont know what its like in the provo mtc but here it is alot of work here. I have the biggest district here with 10 6 elders 4 hermanas. There is a total of 58 missionaries in the ccm here. It is really good to go out to a different country and really immerse your self in the cultura. You learn alot faster
                The food is really good. Breakfast is always cereal. Lunch and dinner is 10-12 ounces of meat surounded by a side dish. It is normally chicken or beef. Then i have about a foot of bread (simular to subway bread but more like sourdough) then i have about 5-6 hardboiled eggs. I am getting plenty of food.
I dont have much time to read or to respond to everyones email but i will print them and read them and respond next week.
Everything is doing good here at the CCM.


Elder Pulsipher

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