Thursday, January 16, 2014

Janurary 16, 2014

Hello family.
How is it going. This week was adventurist. I am a missionary. I went proselyting for the first time. And it was like ok her are some golden investigators. Go teach them. All the north American missionaries got on a bus and drove 20 minutes. We were all given a map and then said be back at this point in 5 hours to be picked up. Ok good luck. It is truly amazing that after 12 days we were trusted to go out into a different country speaking a different language and to try and teach people about the gospel. The first two hours were horrible. We probally walked about 4 miles and no one wanted to talk. And we were sweating like pigs. We sat down had a soda and lunch and then refocused said a prayer and was able to rely upon the lord in the prayer we asked that our skills in prosoliting would be strengthened. Not to find people. But to strengthen our skills. And that is what we did right then we felt motivated to knock doors. Something I would never do in a million years before this but at the same time I am different and I have to act different but I was blessed to have the motivation to do it. I got well over 50 doors slammed in my face saying no gracias soy catholic. But I got pretty good at saying si audios chau. I was confident enough to keep going. My Spanish skills can use some work I can introduce myself ‘’somos missonarios de la inglesia de jesucristo’’ and then have a couple more lines to say but then when they start talking really fast and using words I don’t know I get a little lost.
Overall proselyting was a good experience. It is hard work but you learn a lot about missionary work, others, and you’re self
we get a knew mtc pres. On Tuesday.  And I really like the one we have now. But the new one will be great. I have been reading a lot in the last words of the prophets. In the bible and in the BOM. Those words are so packed full of powerful commandments and doctrine. It is very cool how well the the bible and the BOM fit together in there teachings. You truly need both. You cant have one with out the other. They each prophecy of each other. And if I love 2 nephi 33:10
10 And now, my beloved brethren, and also aJew, and all ye ends of the earth, hearken unto these words and bbelieve in Christ; and if ye believe not in these words believe in Christ. And if ye shall cbelieve in Christ ye will believe in these dwords, for they are theewords of Christ, and he hath given them unto me; and they fteach all men that they should do good.
Its true. If you believe in Christ and you read the BOM with an open heart. You will be able to read it and see that the words written in it really are the words of your loving savior. Jesus Christ.
I have been able to teach and guide my district on numourous times and I have been blessed with better leadership skills as well as a better ability to be firm in the rules. It is a great experience in the mtc but I am ready to go out and be in the field.
Love Elder Pulsipher

P.S. you can buy water and you can buy water con mas gas. dont buy that one. it is carbonated water and it is discusting.

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