Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015

this week we had interveiws with preident and they were super interesting. we started talking about the preisthood. we pulled apart the hymn elders of isreal and d and c 20 and 42. we did all of this and then president showed he talked about the resterationa dn how to teach it in 3 minutes with bold powerfull statement. he talked about the best leaders leave room for others to fill it. the best teachers leave room for the spirit to testify. it is super true how that changes how i thought about teaching everything else. we have to shorten our sentences. less is more. powerful statements that are open ended. 

that sounds like the team is really obidient to the honner code this year. 

we had interveiws with president and he started of my interveiw with hey elder pulsipher you wont beleive what happened of saturday. byu won on a hail marry pass. when i take you out to dinner tonight i will show you the highlights.

but then we got talking about the team and relating it to the gospel. for example in helaman 4 i think it says how they couldnt beat the lamenites because they were bigger faster and stronger and they had lost the spirit.
when i was at byu in a team meeting coach mendenhal walked in and said guys you know why we are not having success. it is because you  are not keeping the honner code as a whole. get your act together. the lord will not bless us unless we change.

and it is very true. byu isnt the biggest, strongest fastest. but the have the spirit of the lord. and they win. coach mendenhal is a true beleiver of that.

i was joking with president how my dad in his mission was able to watch the byu games. yeah he didnt budge on that one. but that was after he told me he was going to show me the highlights. it was funny because at the end they did the fight song. and he told me he had woken his kids up to the fight song when they were growing up

then we went out and worked with president after the interveiws and we went to luciana and she when we walked in she told us that they had pulled out a date to get married. we were super happy and then she picked out  here own  date for the mission. 

we then taught her and him about the law of chasity.and it is super interesting in the lession. i was inspired to share something about adams sealing. how the sealling is done on a altar of sacrafice. and that is true and they have to make sacrafices even know before they get married. and the sacrafice now is that they wont have sexual relations until they are married. 

and that they wont sleep in the same bed or even room. and fedrico(the spouse) will take his mattress and sleep on the ground in the other room.

it is interesting what someone will do when they know it is true.

Elder Pulsipher

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